General election results 2015:

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UKIP did very well to garner approx 4 million votes and under a system of Proportional Representation we would now have around 80 MP's, I might even have been one of them! Whilst my own result was commendable, second place (from fourth last time) and 4% more of the vote than the UKIP national average, it was still nowhere near enough!

To have any chance here in New Forest West in 5 years time, we must more than double the circa 8,000 votes won to around 20,000 and that means 5 years of campaigning to win hearts and minds!!! For all those who voted Green, Labour and Lib-Dem, I respect your politics but here in New Forest West it is a 2-way fight and will be more so in 2020.

I urge you to consider voting for UKIP here to see one less Tory in the house! As well as comparing UKIP and Conservative morals and politics please compare those of the candidates. It will be the individual MP who helps constituents with their respective problems and enquiries rather than the parties themselves. For that, I was, am and will continue to be well qualified and motivated to do.