PRESS RELEASE "Engaging young people in politics" - from the New Forest West UKIP Office

How wonderful to read news of the forthcoming UK Youth Parliament in the New Milton & Lymington Advertiser. We understand this will enable four young people from across Hampshire to represent their generation in an engaging and pro-active manner. This is certainly one answer to the question of how to encourage our youngsters to take a greater interest in politics and in their communities.

As an extension of the above and as the UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for New Forest West, Paul Bailey will be publishing before the Election, a form of local Manifesto in which he informs people in this constituency about the actions he would like to pursue if elected by them on May 7th. One of those ideas is to invite a number of young people between the ages of 16 and 21 years to form an Advisory Youth Panel, meeting once a month and reporting directly to him as their MP (if elected) every quarter.

The purpose of a meeting with Paul would be to raise questions, pass on ideas and make suggestions that affect their generation. Paul will then have the opportunity to represent these views and pursue action where appropriate at a higher level. Something like this plus many other good ideas would be money better spent than the unnecessarily high pay rise Members of Parliament are set to receive from the public finances. In that sense our Parliamentary Candidate Paul Bailey is calling on all MP's to find a way of giving some portion of that rise back to their communities.

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